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Ultra Oil Joint Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Ultra Oil Joint Supplement for Dogs & Cats

Ultra Joint, a supplement to improve the joint health of both cats and dogs. You can even start adding it to their diets at a very young age. This will keep the spring in their step for years to come. This joint supplement for dogs and cats offers three specific benefits:

Relief: brings relief through relaxing and softening the joint tissue

Reduce: reduces the inflammation that causes joint issues

Rebuilds: with the critical building blocks for creating strong flexible joints Cartilage, Tendons, and even Bone

Main Ingredients:

  • Glucosamine / most commonly found in a joint supplement
  • Methylsulfonylmethane/rebuilds the muscle, cartilage, and ligaments of the joint
  • Chondroitin/ helps keep cartilage healthy by absorbing fluid into connective tissues
  • Boswellia/ supports joint health /reduces pain
  • Collagen/ hydration reduces arthritic pain / increased muscle mass
  • Ginger extract/ aids in digestion/rebuilds joint tissue
  • Ascorbic Acid / Reduces joint inflammation
  • Hyaluronic acid/ helps joints move like a well-oiled machine
  • Manganese gluconate / reduces pain and helps heal joints

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