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Frankly Beefy Puffs Dog Treats

Frankly Beefy Puffs Dog Treats

Frankly Beefy Puffs are for dogs who love to crunch! Frankly proudly introduces our new innovative tasty, crunchy, Beefy Puffs made from USA Beef. Beefy Puffs contain no preservatives, chemicals, wheat, or artificial ingredients. They are high in collagen and protein. Collagen and Protein support a dog’s skin, coat, joints, and connective tissue, as well as nails, bones, and teeth. Our tasty Beefy Puffs are great for any size dog and can be easily sized to be used as an everyday treat or as training treats. Frankly Beefy Puffs are an entertaining snack your dog will love!

Mad Cat Catnip Toys

Mad Cat Catnip Toys

Make your kitty’s playtime magical with these sweet little Mad Cat Catnip todays. These plush cat toys are the perfect playtime companions! 

Designed to take tug-of-war games to the next level with 3 large sFilled with an exclusive blend of catnip and silvervine, these iconic stuffies are potent, pure, playful and pesticide-free. Even kitties who aren’t interested in catnip may be drawn to silvervine— a different plant that can create a similar buzz!

Sustainably Yours Litter

Sustainably Yours Natural Multi-Cat Litter, 13-lb

This company is proud that all their toys are made entirely in the This “fishing rod” teaser is extendable and is complete with a

With Sustainably Yours Multi-Cat litter, you don’t have to sacrifice clumpability and odor control when you decide to go clay-free!

The secret is our special blend of corn and cassava, two natural, renewable and biodegradable crops.

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