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Thunderstorms and Fireworks

Did you know that the 4th of July is the biggest day for animal shelters across the country to report the largest amount of runaway pets? 

Fireworks, thunderstorms, and unfamiliar sounds can be frightening to anyone, but especially to our pets.  With loud booms and flashes that light up the sky, pets may panic and become anxious and scared.  These stresses can lead to uncontrolled barking, chewing, digging, destructive clawing, abnormal urine marking, scratching, trembling, pacing, excessive panting, hiding, drooling, aggressive behavior, and seizures.  To escape from these scary situations, your pet may dig under fences or run into busy streets to find an escape from these noises.  Here are a few things to keep in mind:

1) Make sure your pets ID is up to date.  If possible have your pet microchipped in case your pets ID get separated from your pet.

2) Avoid fireworks and events with loud noises.  Especially with pets that are sensitive.

3) If you're leaving your pet home, use a crate to keep your pet safe and contained with their favorite toy for comfort.

4) Don't leave your pet outside during fireworks or thunderstorms.

5) Most importantly, don't scold a scared pet.  This will confuse and reinforce fearful behavior in an already scary and stressful situation.


ThunderShirts provide a drug free solution to ease stress and anxiety with your pet.  ThunderShirt uses a gentle constant pressure that makes your pet feel calm with a sense of comfort.  It's like wrapping your pet in a big hug.  ThunderShirts are easy to put on and comfortable for your pet to wear.  A ThunderShirt is a simple, easy, and drug free way to keep your pet safe and comforted during stressful situations.


When pets can't adapt to stress their behavior and personality become out of balance.  Composure is and easy and tasty way to restore balance, and calm your pet when stressed or anxious. The natural ingredients used in Composure are known for their natural ability to calm and restore balanced behavior. Composure comes as a soft chew in a chicken liver flavor that dogs love.  Plus Composure can be used as a daily supplement or as needed.  Composure supports relaxation in your dog without changing your pets personality or energy levels.  Composure is a safe and easy way to give your pet peace without drowsiness.

HomeoPet – Anxiety TFLN

HomeoPet is a natural homeopathic remedy for easing the symptoms of stress and anxiety in pets.  Safe for cats and dogs.  This fast acting tasteless liquid can be added to water, pet foods and treats, or giving directly in your pets mouth.  HomeoPet drops are non-sedating and a temporary way to give your pets relief from fear to fireworks and loud noises.