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Summer is Here!


This time of year is always brings some of our favorite things; sunshine, green grass, and flowers. However, it also brings plenty of bugs. Most of these pesky insects are able to be dealt with easily but fleas and ticks are some to definitely avoid. Prevention is the first big step to ensuring your pets don’t get the itchy, disease filled pests! Using products like Earth Animal Flea & Tick Program is a perfect example. This program includes their Herbal Spray, Organic Herbal Shampoo, Daily Herbal Internal Powder, and more. This brand focuses on using all natural essential oils and herbs in their line that repel fleas and ticks without the harsh chemicals.


Summertime is fun time for people and their pets, but making sure everyone stays safe during the fun is extremely important. Getting your pup a life vest is a necessity if they enjoy going out on the boat, kayak, canoe, etc. Outward Hound H2GO Life Vests are perfect for the adventurous dogs that love being on the water and swimming. Along with being bright orange in color, they have a reflective feature for easy visibility.


These buoyant rock shaped toys are great for fun in the sun! Not only are Skipping Stones durable and brightly colored for visibility; they also are non-toxic and dishwasher safe. Shaped just like real stones, you can skip them over the water as far as you can, wait for your dog to bring them back, and then repeat until you beat your personal best or one of you passes out from exhaustion.