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National Pet First Aid Month

Hansen’s Bitter Heal SprayHansen's Bitter Heal Spray

Hansen’s Bitter Heal Anti-Licking Spray for dogs is a unique water-based spray containing natural anti-inflammatory ingredients that help soothe and heal irritated skin and hot spots with amazing rapidity and effectiveness. It is formulated with Melaleuca oil (tea tree oil), Comfrey and Horsetail which are known to quickly heal wounds, disinfect, reduce swelling and speed the healing process. The bitter taste discourages pet from licking these sensitive areas, and allows the sores to heal.

Zenpet ZenConeZenpet ZenCone

ZenCone evolved from the “e” collar design and this company took it a few steps further; by creating a hybrid design that provides a soothing and healing environment without the “shame” mood feeling of traditional e collars. The ZenCone is very simple to fit on your pet and the custom attributes of this collar add to the function and conformity.

Zymox Topical SprayZymox Topical Spray

Zymox Topical Spray is ideal in wound care as well as other common skin infections. Regardless if bacterial, fungal or yeast and can be applied 1x/day as needed with no pre-cleaning or scrubbing of the skin because the LP3 Enzyme System reacts with the infectious pus and debris to form its antimicrobial properties. Pre- cleaning and cleaning during use disrupts this biological system and will negatively affect results. Zymox is safe, gentle and non-toxic and worry-free if a pet licks application site. Both contain hydrocortisone for inflammation relief.