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National Dog Day

National Dog Day YoPup Frozen Yogurt Cups

We know how good yogurt is for dogs, but we decided to liven things up with crisp apple juice and real cheddar cheese. The added flavor and vitamins make this an irresistible combination your dog is sure to enjoy. They will have no idea the billions of beneficial cultures they’re ingesting will keep them on the top of their game. After all, prevention is the best medicine!

The Yoghound brand is committedto provide pets functional, wholesome, and orgaic pet treats that enhance overall pet health and wellbeing,

West Paw Montana NapNational Dog Day

Our durable, Montana Nap is light-weight so it travels easily fitting perfectly in crates and the back seats of cars to keep upholstery clean. Perfect for people who love to travel with pets. As plush and soft as it is strong, Montana Nap’s enhanced cushion and ultimate comfort pleases pets, while its materials preserve our planet. Available in home decor friendly colors or patterns.

Each Montana Nap is handcrafted in Bozeman, Montana using only textiles that are also made in America, including IntelliLoft® fiber and fill derived from recycled plastic.

Cycle Dog Toys National Dog Day

Durability is key when it comes to long lasting pet toys.  Cycle Dog pet toys can be chewed, tossed, or have treats hidden in them.  These toys will give your pets hours of fun plus exercise their busy brains.  Not only does Cycle Dog make the best multi-use toys for your furry family.  They also make a fantastic line of collars and leashes that are not only stylish but functional and eco friendly as well.

Cycle Dog is committed to the lifestyle of recycle, re-purpose, and reuse.  Based in Portland, OR since 2009 Cycle Dog makes all their toys, collars and leashes out of recycle bike inner tubes.  By their innovative eco friendly approach.   Cycle Dog has kept hundreds of thousands of bike tubes out of landfills.