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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Honest Kitchen Proper Toppers

Proper Toppers are irresistible light and crispy superfood clusters. They’re extremely delicious, while providing a boost of whole food, superfood nutrition. Proper Toppers are made with just 5 whole food ingredients, including cage free turkey or chicken, and can be used as a topper, complete meal, or a treat. All ingredients are 100% human grade and GMO free, ensuring the top quality stuff for your pup! Also, since each bag contains over 90% meat, even the pickiest pooches will love it! Since this food is dehydrated, your furry family member will be receiving top quality nutrition while also getting to enjoy their own special food during the holiday feasts. 

Earth Animal Wholesome Wraps

Inspired by recipes straight from the company's own kitchen, Wholesome Wraps are made with only the purest and freshest ingredients.

They are proudly baked in a U.S.D.A inspected human facility in Pennsylvania. Yes, of course all of our ingredients are sourced in the U.S.A. We wouldn’t have it any other way!

Flavors include turkey with blueberry, turkey with cranberries and apples, and turkey with sweet potato. The fruits and vegetables used are true antioxidant super stars! This is why we decided to wrap each kind in organic turkey, creating a dog treat that is packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Earth Animal’s Wholesome Wraps are proof that when it comes to nutrition, good things really do come in small sizes.

Together, the turkey with the added yummy filling of blueberries, sweet potato, or apples and cranberries, guarantees to make your dog happy, satisfied and healthy! Simply, a delicious way of giving your dog nutrients and antioxidants that they need. Crunch after Crunch…

Herbsmith July Third

July Third is formulated to help dogs maintain a normal, content, and relaxed disposition in times of environmental stress and in situations that may cause anxiousness, such as changes in your pet’s daily routine, separation, noise from reworks and thunderstorms, trips to the groomer, meeting strangers, traveling, or boarding.

With valerian, chamomile, L-Theanine, L-Tryptophan, and passion flower, July Third helps keep your pet calm by promoting a sense of relaxation and supporting a normal emotional balance. July Third helps dogs maintain a normal and relaxed disposition while also helping them to cope with external stresses.

Thanksgiving Cautions

We all know the look; your pup or kitty walks over, plops themselves down next to your seat, and  gazes up at you and the plate full of delicious smelling foods. Even though those pleading eyes are begging for a scrap of something, it's important to remember the cautions of people food for pets:

– Turkey bones are extremely dangerous for animals. The bones can splinter and become lodged in or puncture your pet's digestive tract. 

– Most of the foods we eat will have some herbs or spices for flavor. Dogs and cats are very sensitive to those types of things and can cause stomach upset and central nervous system depression. 

– Even things like cranberry sauce might seem harmless since it's fruit, however, there is usually a huge amount of sugar packed into these. 

More to avoid: 

– Bread dough

– Mashed potatoes

– Green bean casserole 

– Raisins or grapes

– Walnuts or macadamia nuts

– Pumpkin pie or sweet potato pie