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All About Freeze-Dried

Grandma Lucy’s Freeze-Dried Grandma Lucys Freeze-Dried

This company was one of the first to introduce freeze-dried pet treats to the pet food market. This allowed their customers to trust the high-quality products they were making and pets love the treat’s amazing taste and variety. Being all human-grade, their food options vary from four different lines: Artisan, Pureformance, Valor, and Macanna. Each line has several protien varieties so there’s never any boredom for your dog! Stop in and talk to a Pets Naturally associate to learn more about this incredibly healthy and yummy diet for your dog.

Steve’s Real Food Freeze-Dried Goat MilkReal Food Freeze-Dried Goat Milk

This line of products creates a bridge from kibble feeding to raw feeding. If you are feeding a dry diet and know there are benefits of raw food, but do not want to deal with the hassle or cost of switching a dog to a raw diet, you can simply enhance their diet.

Each freeze dried goat milk enhancement is packed full of carefully chosen superfoods that are designed to alleviate specific health issues. They package it in a reusable glass milk bottle, so all you need to do is fill it with water, shake, and pour over your pet’s food, or give it to them as a treat or bedtime snack. When you run out, you can buy the 8 oz. refill containers and reuse the milk bottle to make another batch of your favorite Steve’s Real Food product.

Coming in three different varieties, they have the DogNog (great for inflammation), CarnaForage (great for detoxing or bad breath), and CannaGurt (great for pain or anxiety).

Orijen Freeze-Dried TreatsOrijen Freeze-Dried Treats

These freeze-dried treats are prepared without cooking, so they retain all of the natural goodness of the company’s authentically fresh ingredients.

The freeze-dry kitchens are equipped with nitrogen tunnels which flash-freeze the fresh ingredients at extremely low temperatures (-60°F), locking in their life-giving nutrients. Then an 18-hour freeze-drying process gently converts the water frozen in the ingredients into ice vapour, without creating any liquid.

This means only water is removed from their fresh ingredients, leaving behind all their goodness in concentrated form, creating a nourishing taste experience your dog and cat will love.