September 2018 – Healthy Cat Month

PetSafe SlimCat Interactive Toy

Around 50% of the cat population shows some signs of obesity. To help fight obesity, it is advisable to ration your cat’s food portions and provide some form of physical activity. SlimCat will do just that. SlimCat is an interactive feeding ball that increases feline activity, decreases excessive eating and improves behavioral problems such as excessive meowing, scratching or aggression.

Weruva Wet Cat Food

In a perfect world, cats would eat a diet that has a moisture content of 70-80%. However, it’s not uncommon for this to be difficult for many households. In this case, it’s still beneficial and important to add in any wet food possible to your kitty’s diet. Weruva is a high quality option for picky eaters or cats with sensitivies. Available in many different flavors and textures, your kitty will thank you for the healthy, tasty meals! All Weruva canned foods are high in protein, low in fat, and high in moisture. All products are acceptable for all breeds and all life stages (you should consult your vet if you have any questions). Most products are grain, gluten, starch, and carrageenan free.

Wapiti Labs ReVitalize

As pets age, they need additional support for their kidneys, joints and immune system. Using the same natural blend of Elk Velvet Antler (EVA) and traditional herbs found in Wapiti Labs Vital formula, ReVitalize has been reformulated specially for the senior cat. It also contains a higher level of ginseng for additional support.

  • Supports normal renal function and health
  • Supports and maintains long-term health
  • Supports normal function and health of the liver
  • Helps maintain joint flexibility and mobility
  • Helps support normal stamina and endurance
  • Supports a healthy immune system and normal blood cell health
  • Supports eye function
  • Contains additional ginseng, an adaptogen, which is a complex natural substance that adapts to a body’s needs
  • Helps support normal thyroid function

Formulated for:

  • Cats that are unhappy due to health issues
  • Cats in the second stage of life
  • Cats that have slowed down in their “Golden Years”
  • Cats that are affected by cold, damp weather
  • Cats that quit using their litter box

August 2018 – National Holistic Pet Day

BIXBI Immunity

Don’t wait until your pet gets sick to start thinking about their health, give their immune system the upper hand with BIXBI Immunity. It’s made with a powerful blend of mushrooms that supplies your pet with a large range of antioxidants and polysaccharides to reduce the number of free radicals in their body. The mushrooms in their formula have also been shown to support normal inflammatory responses and both white and red blood cell production. With BIXBI Immunity, your pet is well positioned to fend off nearly anything that comes their way.

Planet Dog Sol

Sol is a 5′ ball that can double as a treat dispensing toy. Very durable and guaranteed by Planet Dog, it’s sure to keep your dog healthy with exercise and mental stimulation. Sol is also non-toxic, floats in water, super bouncy, and proudly made in the USA!

Primal Freeze Dried Diets

Primal Formulas offer the convenience and benefits of a well-balanced, safe and wholesome raw-food diet without having to grind, chop, measure or mix the ingredients yourself.
Primal Pet Foods has taken the time to sustainably source, carefully formulate and lovingly produce a nutritious, human-edible raw diet that is easy for you to serve and delectable for pets to devour. The proof is watching them lick the bowl clean and thrive!

Being a raw diet, it’s one of the most biologically appropriate and most holistic foods to  feed your cat or dog.

Free of antibiotics, steroids, preservatives and added hormones, all meat, poultry and game used in our products are responsibly sourced from sustainable ranchers in the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Europe.

Pets experience better digestion and absorb nutrients more easily when fed a diet based on natural eating habits in the wild: muscle meat, meaty bones, organs, and raw fruits and vegetables.

Simply put, the ingredients they use in their products are the same items you’d find in any health conscious human’s grocery cart — 100% USDA inspected proteins and fresh, certified organic fruits, vegetables, and non-synthetic vitamins and minerals.

July 2018 – Summer Heat

Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest

Ruffwear Jet Stream Cooling Vest

The Ruffwear Jet Stream efficiently cools dogs during light and fast, high-intensity adventures through shading and evaporative cooling. In warm climates, dogs typically stay cool by seeking shade in the heat of the day. The light and sleek Jet Stream uses shade-providing spandex over the back, while Ruffwear’s three-layer evaporative cooling chest panel disperses heat from the dog’s core. To activate the Jet Stream, soak in water, wring out, zip on your dog, and go.

Green Pet Shop Cooling Pet Pad

Green Pet Shop Cooling Pet Pad

This company’s patented Cooling Bed cools your dog as soon as they lay on it! The pressure-activated, non-toxic*, cooling gel formula is activated by your pets weight/heat, lasts for up to 3 hours and automatically recharges itself after 15-20 minutes of non-use.

Answers Rewards

Answers Rewards

With Rewards, cheese treats have gotten even better. Being frozen, they’re a perfect cool snack to give your pet on these hot days! Their ingredients start with grass-fed, organically-raised, truly raw goat cheese, resulting in a uniquely delicious and healthy twist. These treats are teeming with protein, healthy fats, and beneficial bacteria. They’re so good, they’re sure to fool your four-legged best friend into thinking they got away with something.

A healthy, guilt-free way to deliver nutrients
1 billion probiotics per treat
Only 19 calories per treat
Enhanced with organic superfoods

June 2018 – Adopt-a-Cat Month

Weruva BFF Pouches Weruva BFF Pouches

The main ingredient in BFF Originals is a red meat (or dark meat) from tuna, primarily skipjack or bonito, two smaller and highly sustainable species. For the new BFF OMG! line, they’ve switched it up and feature land muscle meats, such as chicken, duck, beef and lamb, as the primary sources of protein. Amongst the various BFF and OMG! recipes, they’ve included boneless skinless chicken breast, duck, lamb, salmon, shrimp and pumpkin to provide your kitties many delicious flavor varieties. The BFF Original and OMG! foods have a taste and aroma that drive kitties wild! BFF is produced in a facility that also produces food for people. The factory operates at international human food processing standards, including that of the super-strict British Retail Consortium (BRC), and the pet food processing must pass BRC scrutiny.

Yeowww! Catnip ToysYeowww! Catnip Toy

Yeowww! closely works with private farmers to grow, manage and harvest the best organically grown catnip on the Earth. They also obtain samples from additional professional growers each year to ensure that they are offering the highest quality based on freshness, color and aroma. No chemicals or pesticides are used in cultivation, which means Yeowww! Catnip is completely safe for cats and humans. The signature all leaf and flower top blend ensures Yeowww! Catnip to be the most effective on the market that no competitor can compete with!

PetSafe Kitty Harness & LeashPetSafe Kitty Harness & Leash

The Kitty Harness and Bungee Leash can help you enrich your cat’s life with the sights, sounds, and smells of a safe outdoor experience. It gives you gentle, comfortable control of your cat or kitten. Now you can share enjoyable walks, exercise, and playtime outside your home. The bungee leash was specially designed to gently and securely control your cat. When your cat moves forward, the leash flexes with your cat’s movement and tightens across the harness shoulder straps. This removes pressure from the delicate throat area, preventing your cat from choking or escaping.

May 2018 – Check out these new products!

Tall Tails Plush ToysTall Tails Plush Toys

If your dog loves to bark out the window at small animals, it’s time to buy him this Tall Tails Plush Raccoon with Squeaker Toy and bring the fun inside. Inspired by the outdoors, this raccoon-shape dog toy is designed for endless interactive play. The squeaker is sewn into a separate pouch and stitched into the seam for extra protection against choking, while the plush exterior makes for a soft and friendly companion.

Bocce’s Bakery Treats Bocce's Bakery Treats

This company came up with all-natural, preservative and chemical free biscuits, in delectable flavors, all doggies are sure to love. Still baked by hand, in small batches, with the freshest ingredients we can find. They take ingredients very seriously because that’s what makes them different. When the ingredients say ‘beef’, that mean real beef. No meals, no broths, actual beef.

Open Farm Wet Cat FoodOpen Farm Wet Cat Food

Introducing a new premium wet cat food you can trust – Open Farm Rustic Blends are made with 100% human grade ingredients with humanely raised meat, sustainably sourced fish, nutritious veggies and superfoods like coconut oil, pumpkin and turmeric. Unlike traditional wet food, Open Farm Rustic Blends come in BPA Free, re-sealable tetra paks that are easy to serve and store!

April 2018 – Don’t Forget about Earth Day!

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Recycle Bal

Planet Dog Orbee-Tuff Recycle Ball
At Planet Dog, they make toys, not waste! A certain amount of excess material is inherent to the injection molding process. They’ve developed the Orbee-Tuff Recycle line to capture and re-use 100% of this left-over material, virtually eliminating any waste.

Make every dog an Eco-Warrior with Planet Dog’s Recycle Ball! It measures 3′ in diameter and offers the same features as their Orbee-Tuff line – it’s doggie-durable, minty, buoyant and bouncy! 100% GUARANTEED. Any time. Every time. Made in the USA.

Wet Noses Organic Treats

Wet Noses Organic Treats

Founded in 1998, Wet Noses had one main principal in mind, ‘If you wouldn’t eat it, why feed it to your dog?’ And, now twenty years later, they’ve stayed true to their original goal of establishing Wet Noses as an industry leader in the organic pet food market. Wet Noses still produces the best premium dog food and treats featuring only Non-GMO, human grade quality ingredients, without corn, wheat, soy, preservatives or artificial ingredients. Available in many fun flavors that your pup is sure to enjoy!

 The Honest Kitchen Golden Milk

The Honest Kitchen Golden Milk
This holistic mix is a tasty, easy way to spice up your furry friend’s food or just given as a warm drink for a snack. All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives. A perfect additive for both cats and dogs!

March – National Puppy Day

Gorilla Chews

Gorilla Chews

Made from 100% natural solid Java Wood that is sustainably farmed and ecologically harvested, these are a great chew for puppies and dogs of all ages!

Gorilla Chews are a new all natural wood chew for dogs, sustainably harvested and minimally processed to be environmentally friendly products. They are the ideal natural chew alternative to rubber, latex, and nylon chew toys. The characteristically contoured surface is extremely durable and long lasting, making an excellent chew choice for dental and gum care by reducing plaque build-up. Dogs instinctively love to chew wood, sticks, branches, and furniture, making Gorilla Chews the perfect solution to engage and entertain dogs for hours of gnawing fun.

RC Pet Products Step-In Harness

RC Pet Products Step-In Harness

This Canadian company makes these high quality harnesses to be long lasting and easy to use. This design is very simple to figure out and has a reflective stitching for added safety. It’s extremely adjustable so it will grow with your dog. As an added plus, whenever your pup decides to jump in the mud or roll around in dirt, the Step-In Harness can just be machine washed. Comes in many bright, attractive colors!

 Fromm Heartland Puppy Food

Fromm Heartland Puppy Food

This food is a great option for a new furry family member! It is completely grain free and made with a red meat base. This family owned company uses only the highest quality ingredients to ensure the healthiest start of life for your pup. This formula is also available in Large Breed Puppy.

Dental Health Month

Northwest Naturals Marrow BonesNorthwest Naturals Marrow Bones

The reason why plaque is so hard to remove from teeth is that the dental bacteria create a protective barrier, or biofilm, which cannot be permeated by water, toothpaste, or chemicals. Raw bones have naturally occurring enzymes which break down the biofilm on teeth. Then, when pets chew on the bone, the plaque is gently scraped off the teeth.

In addition to great dental health benefits, raw meaty bones provide recreational activity for adult dogs and an appropriate chewing outlet for puppies. Young and teething dogs have a psychological and physical need to chew. Besides providing a fun and engaging (and tasty!) activity, young dogs can properly develop jaw, skull, neck, and shoulder muscling. (It also keeps them away from your favorite shoes!)

The last important aspect of feeding raw bones is a nutritional benefit. Raw bones, and the marrow within, are both natural nutritional sources of protein, fat, minerals, calcium, and phosphorous. However, since raw arrow bones are meant to be chewed only–not eaten—there are only small amounts of these nutrients and the bones should be fed more as a “treat” than as a replacement for your dog’s usual food.

PetzLife Oral Care Gel PetzLife Oral Care Gel

PetzLife Oral Care is a complete, all-natural solution to your pet’s oral care needs. It is guarenteed to break down plaque and tartar, work under the gum line to help heal gum tissue, and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath. So whether your pet has bad tartar build-up, has red inflamed gums, or just plain old stinky breath, this product is sure to please!

Tropiclean Fresh Breath Water AdditiveTropiclean Fresh Breath Water Additive

Oral care is about more than making your pets’ smiles sparkle—it’s an important component of their overall health. In fact, 80% of dogs and 70% of cats begin to show signs of oral disease by age 3. With Fresh Breath Oral Care Water Additive, your pets can benefit from daily plaque and tartar defense, simply by drinking from their water bowl. Easy to use for both you and your pet—no brushing required!

Keeping Warm!

RC Baseline Fleece PulloverRC Baseline Fleece Pullover

The Baseline Fleece Pullover is a lightweight, 4-way super stretchy fleece pullover, that can be worn on its own, or as a base layer under a jacket. Available in five sporty colors and very easy to get on and off of your dog, this sweater is perfect for the dogs who might not be too keen on wearing coats or jackets. Another bonus is that you can just throw this pullover into the washing machine! The special stetch fabric is made to not shrink.

Musher’s Secret Musher's Secret

Made from a blend of several food-grade waxes, then refined according to our our own special formulations. Musher’s Secret is the safe, non-toxic way to protect your dog’s paws. The semi-permeable shield is absorbed into the paws, allowing perspiration to escape through the toes.
Made from 100% natural waxes and easy to apply!
Spread a light coating of Musher’s Secret on the pads and rub in. Mushers will absorb in minutes (rub a little on your hands, when it is absorbed you will know it is absorbed into the pads as well). In very harsh cold or snowy conditions be sure to rub up in between the pads to prevent snowballing.
For year round use, 1-2 times a weeks is sufficient. During extreme weather additional applications may be necessary.

Ruffwear Powder Houndlazyload"Ruffwear

This is a hybrid jacket that offers the warmth of synthetic insulation with the range of motion of technical stretch fabric. This weather resistant and packable insulated jacket is ideal for cold-weather activities. Zippered closure allows for a high-preformance fit to your dog! Available in three attractive colors.

Happy Holidays!

Cheyenne’s Wishlist

ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones

ProDen PlaqueOff Dental Bones

are dog chews with the PlaqueOff System which help clean plaque and tartar by abrasive action. Used daily, this natural product made with sea kelp can complement ordinary dental hygiene. Available in four tasty flavors. Choose between Turkey & Cranberry Flavor, Chicken and Pumpkin Flavor, Bacon Flavor and Vegetable Fusion Flavor.

Dogs constantly produce new plaque in their mouths. If not treated, can calcify into tartar, something that cannot be brushed away from the teeth. Instead, a vet needs to remove tartar with anesthesia and ultrasound. If the tartar remains untreated, it can lead to infections being passed in the animal’s body, which can damage the heart, lungs, liver and adversely affect renal function. Our goal is to offer natural products to supplement your pet’s dental and oral hygiene routine.

West Paw Qwizl Toy

West Paw Qwizl Toy

Qwizl is West Paw’s award-winning, interactive treat-dispensing toy that keeps dogs stimulated and pleasantly puzzled. Its brilliant design extends the life of expensive dog treats while prolonging play to keep dogs interested in their own snacks and away from shoes. Qwizl is also great for interactive play so go ahead and toss it after the treats are gone. Coming in two sizes and multiple colors, your dog is sure to love this toy! As an added bonus, this company uses an all natural and nontoxic material so no need to worry with West Paw!

Ruffwear Powder Hound Coa

Ruffwear Powder Hound Coat

This hybrid jacket that offers the warmth of synthetic insulation with the range of motion of technical stretch fabric. This weather resistant and packable insulated jacket is ideal for cold-weather activities. Durable and easy to wash, the Powder Hound is perfect for your four-legged friend during the snowy cold months.

Cookie & Pickles’ Wishlist

Yeowww! Catnip Toy

Yeowww! Catnip Toys

These kitty toys are made in the USA and are 100% stuffed with only the finest, organically grown catnip. Now, some cats do get into the toys by using their teeth and claws on the seams! Very smart! They go for the vulnerable spot. That’s what the Yeowww brand is about. They are made sturdy and filled in the USA including completely filling each toy with our very own Yeowww! Brand Organically Grown Catnip.”

Grandma Lucy’s Whitefish Treats

These single protein source treats are perfect for the picky eater in the family! Being freeze dried, they’re extremely healthy and low in calories. Also, Grandma Lucy’s uses no GMO ingredients so you’ll feel good giving your pet this holistic, natural snack!

Catty Stacks

Catty Stacks

The innovative alternative to traditional cat furniture, Catty Stacks are recycled, recyclable, and long lasting. Internationally patented and made in America from industrial-strength Corrugated Ultraboard. Don’t be fooled by the cheap imitations. Mix and match colors and create unique shapes. New locking Bridge component allows for new configurations and interesting obstacles for your pet. Easily rearranged and relocated to maintain your pet’s interest. Great for multiple cats up to 20 pounds each. Kit comes complete with 2 cubes, bridge, and connecting clips. Buy multiple kits to form larger climbing structures to promote healthy exercise.

Papaya’s Wishlist

Earth Animal No-Hide Chews

These chews are a healthier and more digestible alternative to rawhide. No-Hide Chews gives new meaning to dog treats. They are more durable and digestible than any other chew on the market. When it comes to Earth Animal’s true core values, we insist on quality and we never settle for second best. We were tired of unacceptable ingredients and chemicals. The inspiration for No-Hide was to make a nutritious treat that would keep our dogs busy, help maintain healthy teeth and gums and have a chew that is easily digestible. No-Hides are one of the first chews of its kind and Hide free! The people have spoken and the dogs are begging for more, they are simply the best treat on the planet! Durable and long lasting makes a joyously, satisfied happy pup.

FurHaven Oval Lounger Pet Bed

Snuggly, soft, and stylish, the nap oval pet bed will provide your pet with a perfect spot for snoozing the day away. Designed for pets who like to curl-up in comfort, this traditional-style bed has medical-grade foam walls to support hips and back and a removable matching insert pillow for more frequent cleaning of the sleep surface. Interior is luxuriously soft on paws.

Zippered, removable cover is machine washable. Foam core is hand washable to keep your pet’s bed smelling fresh and clean.

Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado

Complete with four layers of spinning fun, The Dog Tornado is sure to become your new go-to treat dispensing dog game. Help reduce destructive behavior and eliminate boredom while strengthening the bond between you and your dog, through interactive play with the Dog Tornado by Nina Ottosson.

When it comes to training dogs, dog games and puzzles are a great way to engage and entertain your pup while they learn new skills. No matter the age, size or breed of your dog, Nina Ottosson dog games are as interactive as they are exciting and fun.

With 12 treat compartments in this dog game, The Dog Tornado by Nina Ottosson is smart and fun choice for mealtime as it holds your dog’s favorite wet or dry kibble.

Each level of the Nina Ottosson Dog Tornado spins as your dog searches for treats hiding inside. The spinning movement keeps your dog engaged and presents them with a fun and challenging way to play independently.

Giving Thanks

** Please always be aware of the dangers of table scraps!**
This time of year is one of the highest risk periods for pets ingesting toxic foods or harmful bones. It may be tempting to let Fido get a taste of the family’s meal but it’s very important to know what is safe and what is dangerous! Click here to read more about keeping your pet safe this holiday season!

Honest Kitchen Pumpkin Spice Latte

Who doesn’t love to cuddle up on the couch with a warm drink on these cold, blustery days? Your pets are sure to love this product during the chilly weather this fall. Extremely simple to make up; just add the recommended amount of warm water, stir, and it’s ready to serve! It’s great as a special treat by itself and used as a topper for pickier eaters. Try it out for your kitty, too!

Ingredients: Dehydrated goat’s milk, dehydrated pumpkin, dehydrated honey, cinnamon, ginger

Bocce’s Bakery Turkey Stuffing

These treats are a safe, healthy way to include your pup in the holiday festivities! With only four ingredients, consider using Bocce’s Bakery treats instead of any table scraps when your pet is giving you the irresistable puppy-dog eyes! Completely human-grade and wheat free, they are great for dogs who have allergies or sensitivities.

Ingredients: Oat flour, Turkey, Pumpkin, Cranberry.

Emerald Pet Products Turducky Plush ToyEmerald Pet Products Turducky Plush To

An adorable stuffed Thanksgiving theme toy for your furry friend to play and snuggle with this holiday season!

Bark or Treat!

 Dog Bakery Halloween Cookies

Dog Bakery Halloween Cookies

At the Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally, your pets are our passion and it shows in our products. These healthy treats are made and decorated by hand with love in Traverse City, MI. Decorated special for the Halloween holiday, they’re not only tasty, but also extremely cute! Dog Bakery by Pets Naturally carefully chooses the best human-grade ingredients and uses local products as often as possible. Stop by and get your dog some Howl-o-Ween treats.

Ruby's Pet Shop Costumes

Ruby’s Pet Shop Costumes

There’s nothing cuter than a dog in a costume. Ruby’s Pet Shop costumes range from Superman to Butterfly to Hot Dog and many, many more! These adorable and affordable doggie costumes are sure to bring lots of smiles and laughs.. And probably a few memorable photos! Include your pet in the Halloween festivities with a costume this year and it’ll be one to remember.

Huggle Hounds Ruff-Tex Eyeball

Huggle Hounds Ruff-Tex Eyeball

Made up of a durable rubber, this squeaky ball will keep Fido entertained this Halloween while also matching the theme! While this toy is spooky and fun, it is also safe for the family pet. The Eyeball is made up of an all natural, safe rubber. Latex has excellent mechanical properties for dog toys, and has outstanding resilience and tear resistance. Ruff -Tex toys are stuffed with polyurethane foam, which contains no harmful chemicals. All paints used to enhance the toys are completely safe for dogs to play with, and chew on!

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