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Why Pets Naturally?

Pets Naturally is Northern Michigan's only holistic pet supply store. Our mission is to guide pet owners into making the right decisions when it comes to feeding our four legged friends. Most of us are in the dark when it comes to the truth about commercial pet food and what is really in it! The bottom line is, we are a company comprised of animal lovers and we want to educate our customers about the many ways healthy food leads to healthy pets.

Kathy HylandKathy Hyland, Owner

Kathy loves dogs!!  Plain and simple.  When her Boston Terrier Lucy became ill with intestinal and skin problems Kathy decided to find out for herself what was going on.  She spent some time researching pet foods and was shocked to find out some of the truths about the pet food industry.  Many of the major commercial brands are owned by corporate giants and the quality of our pets foods has been compromised to make way for more profits. Our pets in the U.S. are being forced to eat foods that are not good for them.   Once Lucy's diet was changed to a healthy whole food kibble containing real meat and no corn, her issues subsided.  This is where Kathy's passion to help other pet owners was born. Feel free to contact Kathy if you have any questions or of course stop in anytime!

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Andrea Margelis

Andrea Margelis, Manager

Andrea has been around pets her entire life; from hamsters to horses. She shares her life with her husband and their three dogs, two lab mixes and an energetic Plott Hound. Andrea's mother owned a vitamin store and learned that proper nutrition and supplements can change one's life. That philosophy carried through to their pets. Andrea also worked at a veterinary hospital for over four years, which enforced her belief that one's health starts with food..

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Larissa Hunter

Larissa Hunter

Larissa lived in Suttons Bay her entire life until she moved into Traverse City after graduating high school. Growing up, she was always surrounded by animals. Her parents made it a priority for her to treat pets just like family. Larissa is currently attending Northwestern Michigan College pursuing a major in psychology. She has two Bengal/Siamese mix kitties, who are sisters from the same litter named Cookie and Pickles. Her cats love and do really well on the Holistic Select Indoor Health diet! Larissa enjoys hiking, writing and baking.

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Mary Flees

Mary Flees

Mary grew up in the Leland and Traverse City area. She attended college at Michigan State University. After college, Mary moved to Wyoming, where she lived  for 10 years near the Wind River Mountains. Mary then returned to Traverse City where she  happily lives today. She worked in the financial industry for 36 years, retiring from Members Credit Union as Vice President of Lending in December 2014. She has two grown sons, a three year old grandson, and another due any day!  Mary raised Irish Wolfhounds for 25 years and has one 170 pound furry baby today. She also has two rescue cats and one terrier.  In her free time, Mary enjoys reading, music, walking her dogs, and all outdoor activities year around that the area offers. She says that "working at Pets Naturally is a wonderful retirement job!"

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Mary Flees


Aly was born and raised in Traverse City growing up she was surrounded by pets.  She has had dogs, cats, and even bunnies for her entire life.  She is currently attending Northwestern Michigan College for a visual communications degree.  She has a Jack Russell name Zoey and a kittty named Doodle.  In her free time Aly enjoys camping, backpacking, and photography.

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CHANELLE Bouwmeester

Chanelle was raised in Atlanta, Georgia but has called Northern Michigan her home since 2001.  She is married to Travis, and they have 2 boys. Chanelle is a true animal lover and currently has 2 dogs, 4 cats and a horse.  She enjoys spending time with her family, visiting Georgia as often as she can, photography and trail riding her mustang, Jack. 

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My name is Josephine, I work a lot so I usually don’t have a lot of time to myself but when I do I like to style hair and paint. I have a really cute cat name Tiki that I rescued a few months back. I am very thankful for her. She is a great side kick.

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My name is Devin, I recently moved to TC from Boise, Idaho. I live with my boyfriend Robert, and we have three cats, Bosco, Izzy, & Bitty, and a bunny, Chewy. I grew up with all sorts of animals from reptiles to dogs to pocket pets. In my free time I love to bake, hike, watch scary movies.




Gail comes from a large pet loving family. Dogs, Cats, Horses, Mule, Rabbits etc. Currently she is a cat owner of 4 Rescues. In her work history, she favors working in the pet industry. Pets Naturally is a perfect fit especially because they promote the health and well being of our four legged family members.



Megan Eschelweck

My name is Megan and nothing makes me happier than seeing happy pets. I have my own Australian Shepherd named Busted. We adopted him when I was five years old. He is like my little brother. My goal in life is to make sure that every pet is living their most happiest and healthiest life possible.





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9am - 6pm, except:
Sun: 10am - 5pm
Wed: 9am - 8pm